2022 | in Speuld

hand knotted PPmulti rope, wool
location: birch wood in TAK ART Space, Speuld
exposition: Walhallo
photos: Dirk Verwoerd en Jolanda Meulendijks

The natural environment and its Germanic myths formed the Inspiration for this exhibition. Stories of lust, power, natural violence, innocence, fertility, deception and justice. I chose Nott, the Germanic goddess of the night.

Nine Germanic gods on the Ermelo heath, nine artists, nine artworks; with Hannah Blom, Theo van Delft, Michiel Jansen, Jimi Kleinbruinink, Jolanda Meulendijks, Marisja Smit, Emilio Timp, Thijs Trompert, Anders Wolhar.

NOTT is the Germanic goddess of the night, fathered by a great black giant.

On a jet-black horse with soot-colored mane, she gallops along the celestial sky. 

In twelve hours around the earth, she causes darkness each night. 

By morning, the horse's sweat drops and foam flakes splash across the fields. 

Dewdrops, remnants of night, heralds of day.