Thrown out of Space

2021 | in Amersfoort

cardboard, pure pigments, metal, copper, readymades, gold leaf, wander stones
620 x 350 x 35 cm
location: Elleboogkerk, former Armando Museum

For the 2021 exhibition EXPO ELLEBOOG in the former Armando Museum in Amersfoort, I made this installation; a composition of works from several recent series, merged into an in situ work. Like an archipelago, the works swarm around each other, in temporality together.

photo: Dirk verwoerd
photo: Dirk Verwoerd
photo: Dirk Verwoerd
photo: Dirk Verwoerd

At a charity auction 16 years ago, I bought work by an artist unknown to me. It was a pitcher made of sisal. A jar full of promise; a mysterious object hiding something unmentionable. Years later I got to know the artist, Jolanda Meulendijks. Jolanda is a creating artist. She gathers and she juts and she gropes.

She wrestles with matter. She makes an attempt to escape gravity. I live with the work of an artist capable of hammering desire into copper and turning fear into elusive imagery. With cardboard and pigment, she scavenges along the abyss of the universe.

(Gerard de Kleijn, curator, catalogue of the exhibition, Augustus 2021)