2013 - 2023 | in Millingen - Amersfoort - Twentse Welle - Elburg

PPmulti rope and wool, hand knotted
variable dimensions

In 2013, the first one perched in a tree in Amersfoort; in the years that followed, the swarm grew to a group of 70.
In 2022, in a birch forest in Speuld, they transformed into dewdrops.
For now 2023 is the last year for Swarm.

Zwerm (Swarm) 2023

Millinger Tea garden Nijmegen

March 16th, 2023
August 1st, 2023 | the tree broke in two by storm Poly
29th of October 2023 | end of the season

Zwerm 2020

Hatchery De War Amersfoort

Zwerm 2016

KunstenLandschap art route | Blijdestein Estate, Twentse Welle

Zwerm 2013

Vestingval art route | Elburg